There is no more important physical endeavor than training for strength.  And there is no better method than Starting Strength barbell training.

Of all the physical and athletic attributes humans can display, strength is the foundation on which the others are built.  The ability to interact with your environment or control your own body to perform different tasks is determined largely by your strength.

Whether you’re an older adult looking to maintain independence later in life, an athlete looking for an advantage on the field, or a normal person that would just like to be an all around bad-ass, strength training is incomparable.

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What To Expect

How are we different?

Our foundation is built on the principles of exceptional coaching, personalized programming, and client performance.

Exceptional Coaching

Coaching is a discipline and the moniker is earned.  The Starting Strength Coach credential is one of the most difficult to earn in the industry and our coaches are exceptional at teaching the basic barbell lifts.

Personalized programming

Each person is on a slightly different path and an effective program will take that into account.  We offer intelligent, individualized programs to yield the greatest results.

Client performance

We are invested in our clients’ continued success.  We work toward constant, measurable improvement of our clients using objective criteria.

Simple, Not Easy.

The Starting Strength method of barbell training is a simple and straightforward program that can be adapted for any skill level.  But simple doesn’t mean “easy”.

4 major barbell lifts are utilized as the the foundation of the program.  We define strength as the ability to produce force against an external resistance and we’ve selected these exercises based on our criteria for making people stronger.

  1. Use the most muscle mass.
  2. Use the greatest, effective range of motion.
  3. Move the most weight.

There are no better exercises that meet this criteria than the squat, deadlift, overhead press and bench press.  And since you don’t have an infinite amount of time in the gym, they allow us to be efficient in our training.

Training, Not Exercise.

Training consists of strategically planned exercises and loading over a period of time to achieve a specific goal.  But exercise by itself, in the absence of a plan and specific goal, is not training.

You will have a plan.  You will have a goal.  You will train.


After building a solid base of strength, we will begin to program in conditioning if weight loss or maintenance is a goal for the client.  Conditioning can be potent, and needs to be woven into the program intelligently when the time is right.

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